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document Can I use my music with an iPod or an iPhone?
All devices and handsets that are capable of storing and playing full-length music files support our DRM-Free MP3 downloads. This includes...
rating 30 Dec, 2010 Views: 18077
document Buy, redeem, download
We support many different stores, which may differ in the process of downloading. We have provided these generic instructions to assist you in...
rating 30 Dec, 2010 Views: 17953
document Files I've purchased have not been downloaded to my computer.
This problem could be caused by a number of different issues such as an unusual problem with the internet or with a server, or it can be due...
rating 30 Dec, 2010 Views: 16332
document How long does it take to download a file to my computer?
The time required to download a file to your computer depends on the size of the file, the file type, and the speed of your internet connection....
rating 30 Dec, 2010 Views: 13064
document How do I send a text message (also known as SMS)?
Go to your messaging menu and select “Text Messaging," “SMS,” "Messaging," or a similar selection. ...
rating 27 Mar, 2009 Views: 12221
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document How do I find what version of a browser I have?
Most users can find this information by going to the Help (or Tools) menu in the browser toolbar and selecting "About [Name of Browser]."
rating 07 Apr, 2009 Views: 6017
document What is DRM? OR Are my files DRM-free?
DRM stands for digital rights management, which is a method of copy protection that controls usage of media files. The majority of our offerings...
rating 30 Dec, 2010 Views: 7344
document What is an authorization or "hold"? OR Why do I have a pending amount on my statement?
When you purchase a song using credit or debit, a pre-authorization for a nominal amount is placed on your card in order to ensure adequate funds are...
rating 07 Apr, 2009 Views: 6504
document Do I need internet on my phone to download mobile content?
Yes, you need to have the internet enabled on your device, or a data package, in order to download our ringtones.  Please contact your carrier...
Not rated 22 Dec, 2009 Views: 6814
document Are there taxes on my purchase?
The state in which our company is based does not currently tax digital media content.
Not rated 07 Apr, 2009 Views: 6548